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how to format flashdisk / flashdrive

1.Connect the USB flash drive to your computer. Plug it into one of the USB port slots. Plug it directly into your computer and not into a hub to increase the speed of the format and file transfer.

2.Wait for your computer to detect the flash drive. You should see a pop-up bubble in the task bar at the bottom-right of your screen notifying you once your flash drive has been installed successfully and is ready for use.

3.Open Computer/My Computer/This PC. This window displays all of your connected drives. You can access it from the Start menu, or by pressing ⊞ Win+E. In Windows 8.1, click the Start button (or press ⊞ Win), type this pc and press ↵ Enter.

4.Right-click on the flash drive that you have just connected to your computer. It should appear in the list titled "Devices with Removable Storage" as a removable disk with the drive letter that appears latest in the alphabet.

5.Click on "Format" from the pop-up menu. This will bring up the Format window with the window title indicating which drive you are about to format.

6.Choose the file system that you want your flash drive formatted in. Here are some attributes that you should keep in mind when       making this selection: 7.Start the formatting process. Press Start at the bottom of the Format window after you have finalized your selections. Confirm your action by pressing OK in the pop-up window. All the data on your USB flash drive will be deleted, and the drive will be formatted according to your specifications.

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